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Every day, billions of text messages are sent from every corner of the globe. Consumers love its immediacy and convenience, which is why text boasts a staggering 98% open rate — far surpassing email. The potential for business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging is vast. Finding a solution that’s both powerful and flexible has been a challenge. Until now.

TruReach Deliver Aerialink is the premier messaging solution for B2C communications that offers unprecedented power, processing millions of SMS and MMS business text messages daily. Unparalleled convenience, serving as a single-point solution to connect to a comprehensive portfolio of messaging products and numbering types. Unmatched reliability, allowing you to confidently and securely scale globally with 99.9% uptime, powered by our cloud-based infrastructure.


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Whether you are creating a notification or marketing service, a 1-to-1 text chat service, or embedding a communications tool into your software, our solution allows you to deliver the best service to your customers.

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TruReach Deliver allows you to bridge the gap between your business applications, mobile service provider networks and your customers’ mobile devices. It gives you the power to send and receive messages at-scale to destinations around the world in near real-time.

TruReach Deliver supports all numbering types including toll-free, short codes and standard 10-digit phone numbers. It offers unparalleled flexibility, with a variety of routing options to support multiple requirements. With TruReach Deliver you can also seamlessly integrate messaging into your applications and workflows, with easy-to-use APIs and white label solutions to help you deliver the best possible service for your customers.

The result is a richer, more rewarding messaging experience. Customers become more engaged. Employees become more responsive. Gaps between business applications and customers are closed. Just imagine the possibilities.


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customer service

From personalized conversations to promotions, you can provide a more modern, relevant style of customer service. Keep customers informed with quick alerts and engaged with new offers. Get ready to harness the full power of texting for your business.


As a leading SMS provider, we understand your business text messaging needs. We give you global SMS reach with one- and two-way delivery and bulk send options. Robust multimedia capabilities include pictures, audio, video and GIFs.


More than 5,000 companies worldwide rely on iconectiv to solve communication challenges. Our TruReach Deliver Aerialink customers enjoy hands-on, responsive, technical support at every step, from first onboarding to optimization, and beyond.


Our flexible range of connection protocols enable you to choose how to interface your applications to our gateway. We support HTTP REST-based API, the SMS-based SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol as well as MM4 interfaces for multimedia.


App providers and resellers can more effectively deploy and manage their messaging. For added revenue, qualified resellers can custom-brand Conversations, our award-winning SaaS delivery platform for B2C messaging, under their umbrella.

industry standard

Send and receive SMS and MMS via your own applications with a single API. With 99.9% uptime, a high-performance gateway, and global messaging delivery over quality routes, it’s the industry standard for B2C messaging solutions.

use cases

Alerts. Promotions. Confirmations. Security. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See the specifics of how TruReach Deliver Aerialink helps you communicate with your team, reach new prospects and ensure the security of your customers.


Education: keep everyone in-the-know

  • Notify staff and students about programs, events and activities
  • Inform students about assignments, deadlines and test dates
  • Send alerts about campus closings or suspicious activity via bulk SMS send


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Hospitality: help your guests feel at home

  • Speed hotel check-in and check-out via text
  • Simplify bookings and upgrade opportunities
  • Quickly address guests requests or questions


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Financial: a wealth of messaging options

  • Text two-factor authentication codes for added security
  • Provide account balances and transaction information via text SMS integrations
  • Inform customers about rate changes


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using toll-free to dial up your customer outreach strategy

More than 42 million toll-free voice numbers are in use today. Originally used for inbound calls, businesses are now discovering they are a powerful tool for customer engagement - particularly when it comes to texting. Learn how to improve revenue and customer engagement while navigating the new rules for keeping customer trust in this webinar.


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