drive to text: connect with automotive customers

two people at car dealership looking at screen

the problem for dealers

The internet has thoroughly disrupted the car shopping process. Instead of the traditional ads driving visits to showrooms, it now begins by checking social media and visiting websites, usually anonymously. This makes it tough for car dealers to identify and engage with the best prospects and build relationships. On the service end, frequent miscommunication with customers leads to more no-shows, plus costly loaner car extensions. Not to mention frustrated customers who vent with poor online reviews, making it harder to attract new customers.

person at dealership looking at mobile phone

the problem for customers

The anonymity of the car buying process makes it difficult for consumers to build trusting relationships with car dealers. The servicing process is hindered by frequent miscommunication, which leads to missed appointments and extended time with unwanted loaner cars.

the opportunity

Text messaging represents a potentially revolutionary sales and communication tool for car dealerships. Reports say many consumers indicate a preference for text communications and 95% of texts from businesses are read in 3 minutes.

In fact, 67% of customers report that they would return for service…if they got repair updates by text rather than phone.

67% return

how iconectiv can help

iconectiv TruReach Deliver Aerialink enables conversational text messaging over business lines, including toll-free, standard 10-digit wireless, wirelines and short codes. This allows dealership personnel to easily communicate information on promotions and new car models with prospects and customers—and vice versa. Allowing customers to text dealerships increases engagement and helps maximize customer satisfaction by creating a more informed customer base. The end result: a more comfortable negotiations process, convenient scheduling of repairs and service appointments, and a far more satisfying overall experience.