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iconectiv TruReach Deliver empowers businesses and organizations to communicate with greater ease and precision. Our SMS and MMS cloud communications solutions are designed to help you seamlessly deliver alerts, confirmations, reminders and offers. Have complex messaging needs? We can make it simple. Want to reach your customers? We’re ready to deliver. Want to text-enable your toll-free numbers? We can do that too. Every industry will always have a pressing need to communicate quickly and efficiently. TruReach Deliver is the platform that makes it happen.

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Education: keep everyone in-the-know

schools and universities

  • Inform staff, students and parents about upcoming programs and events
  • Provide students with personalized information about courses and locations
  • Send out mass alerts about school closings, campus activities or lockdowns
  • Connect admissions reps to prospective students via conversational messaging
  • Deliver a student–professor messaging forum for class engagement
  • Notify students about assignments, deadlines, upcoming test dates and projects

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Financial: a wealth of messaging options

insurance and banking

  • Spark a dialogue with new and prospective clients
  • Streamline the claims process
  • Send out bill reminders and text-to-pay messages
  • Request customer feedback and service evaluations
  • Alert customers about overdrafts
  • Promote special offers and on-site events

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automotive dealerships

  • Send personalized, relevant info based on purchasing and service history
  • Inform customers of their vehicle repair order status and pickup availability
  • Provide better customer service with real-time texting
  • Notify prospects when a car that meets their specifications is available
  • Schedule messages for future delivery, such as reminders or vehicle promotions

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hospitality and travel

  • Offer booking specials and upgrade opportunities
  • Deliver promotional offers that integrate with loyalty programs
  • Automate hotel check-in and check-out processes and expedite valet parking
  • Send status alerts and reservation confirmations about flight or train schedules
  • Text pickup confirmations and driver details
  • Build awareness for promotional campaigns

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home service and property management

  • Confirm appointments and coordinate maintenance and cleaning schedules
  • Send pictures of equipment or parts that need repair or replacement
  • Send out promotional offers and coupons
  • Send alerts or notifications for packages, payments or guest arrivals
  • Remind residents of upcoming street cleaning and snow removal
  • Promote upcoming events, open houses and private showing dates


internet of things

SaaS vendors/Internet of Things

  • Embed messaging services into your application
  • Enhance security with message alerts and two-factor password authentication
  • Send system-generated notifications via text instead of email
  • Connected IoT devices can send a text with diagnostic information
  • Send automatic maintenance alerts for your product
  • Control IoT devices and appliances via text commands



events and entertainment

  • Announce ticket availability
  • Alert ticketholders about venue and schedule changes
  • Send marketing messages to announce new events and last-minute promotions
  • Announce ticket availabilities
  • Text relevant info to sponsors, promoters, volunteers, planners and security
  • Engage audience with TV series and movies clips, casting info and release dates

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