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case study: hospitality

at your service: re-engage, inform and impress


The problem for travel and hospitality providers:

By focusing on corporate-branded apps and outbound-only messaging such as alerts, travel and hospitality brands were missing an opportunity to engage with their customers via text. Yet in order to implement robust texting, the industries needed first to overcome privacy hurdles, enable their business lines for texting and navigate complex multi-property rollouts.

The problem for customers: 

Many business travelers face restrictions on downloading unauthorized apps on company-provided devices. That means a substantial piece of the travel and hospitality industries most frequent customers may be missing all messaging efforts from travel and hospitality brands. Additionally, many travelers simply disable app notifications, which meant that even a percentage of the most engaged customers—those that downloaded the branded app—were being missed.


The opportunity:

Texting is the highest-rated contact method for customer satisfaction. Over 90% of hotel customers report that being able to text their hotel is useful, and 75% would like special offers sent to them via text message. Going forward, hospitality providers who can meet these needs are going to be in a much stronger position for recovery and growth.

how iconectiv can help:

iconectiv TruReach Deliver Aerialink can help travel and hospitality brands spur return visits with a true “white glove” service experience via text messaging. Using TruReach Deliver Aerialink, it’s easy to text last-minute travel deals, complete with photos or videos; send reward offers and enable live chat with an agent at the touch of a button. Additionally, text is an ideal channel for travel and hospitality basics such as check-in times, confirmations and special requests.