increase customer satisfaction, loyalty through text

person holding mobile phone

the problem for insurers

The automobile insurance industry has little customer loyalty. One in three vehicle owners switch to a different provider each year—the highest level in 20 years. Poor customer service is consistently cited as a major reason why.

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the problem for customers

The transparency of the Internet has made it easier for consumers to research car insurance options on their own, without relying on an agent. With so many choices, consumers place a premium on customer service. In a 2019 TechSee survey, 39% of respondents who switched insurance companies in the previous 24 months cited poor customer service as the main reason. This includes long hold times and difficulty obtaining the information they need. 

the opportunity

Text messaging is the ideal solution that can help both insurers and their customers. Customers would be able to obtain information such as claim-status updates and payment reminders via their preferred communication method. The convenience and ease of text messaging would boost customer satisfaction, and could be used to upsell policyholders.

boost customer satisfaction

how iconectiv can help

iconectiv TruReach Deliver Aerialink enables conversational text messaging over wireline, wireless and toll-free numbers, so agents and customers can easily communicate with each other. It creates a better customer experience by cutting down on wait times by quickly routing messages to the right customer and helps facilitate text-based marketing campaigns for geotargeting efforts including lead generation by zip code.