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Customers get the message


Our in-depth white paper shows you how to hit the ground running with your business messaging.

Engage vehicle buyers

Use Case

Text messaging can be an incredibly powerful tool to engage customers early in the buying process.

Travel and hospitality

Use Case

Engage, inform and wow guests with text-based engagement that is easy-to-use and secure.

Insurance loyalty

Use Case

Insurers use text to meet demand for digital self-service, while boosting loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Student, staff engagement

Case Study

Learn how Wayne State University facilitated both mass communications and targeted prospective engagement initiatives.

Choose a SMS API Provider

Best Practices

Are you aware of the are seven key considerations when selecting the best SMS API provider for your business? As the preferred B2C communication method for consumers, be sure to check out these best practices to help you take full advantage of B2C text messaging for enhance consumer engagement.

SMS business delivery

Best Practices

Consider these five best practices on business SMS delivery to help your business comply with the TCPA and follow industry guidelines so that your business can harness the power of B2C messaging in a responsible and compliant way.


a better way to engage customers

See how text-enabling your business and toll-free numbers creates a more engaging customer experience while enhancing your productivity.

the realtor and the consumer – a short story

See how text-enabling your business and toll-free numbers connects the customer to property information — and a realtor — within seconds! Business texting makes real estate marketing easier than ever before — while enhancing service, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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