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Without the right partner, business to consumer (B2C) texting can get very complicated, very fast. TruReach Deliver Aerialink simplifies the world of business texting services, while allowing you to customize at every step. It represents a whole new era of consumer engagement that is simple, seamless and secure.

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iconectiv TruReach Deliver Aerialink offers unparalleled simplicity and choice. The team of messaging experts are available for comprehensive support, customizing a solution to best meet your business needs. You can work seamlessly with popular messaging formats including text only (SMS) and multimedia (MMS). You can also customize further, choosing to send your text messages from landline, wireless, toll-free or short code numbers.

Leverage Conversations, our software as a service (SaaS) messaging application, to centrally manage B2C texts.  Or, offer it to your customers under your own brand, giving your messaging business a new revenue stream

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performance features

Conversations, our B2C messaging application, offers Email-to-SMS, and Landline-to-Mobile for more flexible, meaningful engagement.

delivery features

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Conversations allows teams to centrally manage B2C texts. It can reach thousands of customers at once via bulk texting and is fully scalable for all businesses, regardless of size.

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email-to-SMS functionality

Email-to-SMS functionality lets you send and receive SMS messages from any email, desktop or mobile device. An ideal solution for quick notifications or alerts.

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Landline-to-mobile makes it easy to efficiently respond to text messages sent to your text-enabled landline or toll-free numbers, from any mobile device.

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Geography should not get in the way of serving your customers. Take advantage of truly global service with
1-way and 2-way delivery routes worldwide.

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Let Conversations handle all of the complexities of business texting, including email-to-SMS and landline-to-mobile, so you can boost your messaging power.

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