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Let us help you streamline the landline and toll-free texting process, so you can focus on your business. . Featuring end-to-end automation, our Number Provisioning service can help you speed time-to-market for your customers by making the complex comprehensible, so you can focus on what’s really important — engaging your customers while also freeing up your resources so you can work more efficiently.

true no touch automation for provisioning

With Number Provisioning you can quickly text-enable standard and toll-free business numbers while automating processes traditionally done manually. You can also offer a broad footprint of localized numbers for text messaging (SMS and MMS) with near real-time activation.

Automating the text-enablement provisioning process is just the beginning. With Number Provisioning you can search for available numbers, assign them in real time, activate and deactivate them and add MMS to standard and toll-free numbers.

RespOrgs and VoIP Providers can add text messaging to customer business and toll-free numbers to help them reach a whole new audience. App developers can text-enable solutions that require phone number assignments. Enterprises can energize their customer service by text-enabling numbers for business units, franchises and independent agents.

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performance features

Number Provisioning allows you to quickly query available numbers and give your customers their choice in real time, directly from your service provider platform.

delivery features

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Number Provisioning makes it easy for service providers to quickly query available U.S. standard phone numbers by state, city and area code.

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Robust Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capabilities allow you add picture or video messaging to standard U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.

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Assign numbers with both SMS and MMS services. Seamless integration with your provisioning flow exposes available numbers in real time. Instantly remove deactivated numbers from your account.

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U.S. and Canadian business numbers can typically be text-enabled in 15 minutes. Toll-free number activation can take between 15-minutes and three days depending on TSS Registry approval.

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