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Text messaging is among the world’s most popular communications methods. When harnessed responsibly, it is a powerful tool to help businesses enhance the customer experience and engage with customers and prospects in more relevant ways. 

For consumers, texting couldn’t be any simpler. Yet for marketers, the process can be unexpectedly complicated. Unprepared marketers quickly realize the messaging world is a highly regulated communication channel with many technical nuances. That makes SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) a surprisingly challenging channel for some to navigate.

That’s why businesses turn to TruReach Deliver Aerialink's powerful and easy-to-use APIs, which are backed by robust functionality and unparalleled customer support from our experienced service team. The end result: easier implementation for you and simpler messaging for your customers.

your best channels to your best customers

Customers have to opt-in to receive text messages from your brand—and that’s fantastic news. Why? It ensures you’ll always be communicating with people who want to hear from you. The numbers bear it out, reports show that text open rates are a whopping 98%, with 9 out of 10 consumers saying they would like to communicate with businesses through text message. For comparison, no other communication channel even comes close. Text messaging is immediate, convenient, responsive and cost-effective. That makes it ideal for enabling one-on-one messaging with customers, such as alerts, and one-to-many communications, such as marketing campaigns.

For direct engagement, our business texting services help you reach billions of customers in more than 200 countries. Plus, our proven, flexible solution supports a broad range of numbering options (standard 10-digit phone numbers, short codes and toll-free numbers) and SMS and MMS delivery.

deliver numbering callout 98% open rate

a whole new link to your customers

There are so many reasons to add text to your marketing and engagement initiatives. Customer support becomes more personal, immediate, and interactive. Your brand and product promotions are far more relevant. Customer surveys, reminders and alerts, chats, reservation confirmations, one-time passwords, you name it…they all reach the right customer at the right time.

messaging features create possibilities

With TruReach Deliver Aerialink, the possibilities for enriched consumer engagement have never been greater or easier to implement. Your customer support is more personal and interactive and your promotions come alive. You can enjoy the versatility and confidence that you are delivering the right message, at the right time. You also have the flexibility to connect your applications easily with our API and can leverage global messaging, bulk sends and MMS. And that’s just the beginning…

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take advantage of communications versatility

Send and receive text reminders, alerts, one-time passwords and other important information from your existing landlines, toll-free numbers, leased or owned 10-digit numbers and short codes. You can also customize your sender ID and leverage international local numbers.


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interface your way with a range of API options

Our API interface options allow you to scale faster. Easily connect your applications and services with our intuitive APIs. In addition to HTTP REST, we support the SMS-centric SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) protocol and MM4 interface for MMS.


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leverage 1- or 2-way messaging and bulk sends

Leverage the robust power of SMS bulk-send capabilities. It gives you the messaging edge, supporting high-volume, high-throughput message delivery for outreach at scale.


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include sounds, pictures and videos

Create more engaging messages with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). TruReach Deliver Aerialink supports a full range of audio/visual content including MP3, MIDI, JPEG GIF and MPEG video.


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expand your reach with global delivery

Geography should not get in the way of serving your customers. Take advantage of truly global service with 1-way and 2-way delivery routes worldwide. Our in-depth experience allows us to simplify the technical complexities associated with global delivery.


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leverage 10-digit business landlines

As a trusted partner of the communications ecosystem, iconectiv offers industry expertise, guidance and support for 10DLC initiatives including Brand and Campaign Registrations, Provisioning and Trust Scores. Our central hub simplifies registration of A2P 10DLC messaging campaigns, which eliminates the need for multiple contracts. We streamline the long code provisioning process with our secure, end-to- end 10DLC solution that associates long codes with approved campaigns and then registers them as A2P long codes with the Number Registry. We also directly apply for a trust score from an independent rating agency.

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