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At its core, text messaging is a vast and complex web of interconnected communications. What keeps it all running are the trusted, registered phone numbers and short code that make text delivery possible. TruReach Deliver Aerialink provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of numbering options, to ensure your needs can be met from a single source.

Whether it’s leased or bring-your-own-numbers, our provisioning APIs allow you to manage and integrate your phone numbers into your operational flows, seamlessly. TruReach Deliver Aerialink supports toll-free and business 10-digit landline numbers, short codes, as well as international messaging. Plus, you can mix and match to meet your messaging needs today and as you expand.

With the help of TruReach Deliver Aerialink and our industry best team of messaging experts, you’ll be positioned for success before you even send your first message.

the power of texting

Harness the power and immediacy of texting to help achieve your business messaging goals while simply and securely communicating with your customers on their terms.

Whether leasing standard 10-digit phone numbers or toll-free numbers or adding texting capability to your existing inventory, TruReach Deliver Aerialink makes the provisioning process seamless. When it comes to business text messaging, you can quickly share relevant marketing promotions, coupons, send alerts, confirm orders and even enhance security with password verification.

The conversational advantages of business texting allows you to expand the possibilities of all customer engagement touchpoints from customer service to reminders and surveys to confirmations and alerts. Texting makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to ask questions, confirm appointments, check credit card balances and take advantage of new promotions. It may be the single most powerful way to improve your customer engagement.

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phone numbers for destinations around the world

Our team of messaging experts can help you overcome the complexities of international delivery and implement two-way SMS text messaging, which greatly increases deliverability. From navigating country-specific regulations to troubleshooting, you can rely on one solution and one messaging service provider for global delivery.

numbering support features enhance engagement

With TruReach Deliver Aerialink’s range of numbering support options, the possibilities for enhanced communication with your customers has never been greater or easier to implement. From short codes to regular 10-digit telephone numbers, to toll-free, including customized options like Bring-Your-Own-Number, you can take care of all your business messaging needs from one reliable source.

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texting with your toll-free numbers

Businesses of all sizes can send and receive text messages to the branded toll-free numbers they’ve been using for years. Powerful, always-available, toll-free texting improves customer experience through two-way SMS and MMS engagement with the added benefit of using one phone number for multiple communications.


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short codes offer versatility and volume

Short codes get results. The use of a memorable 5- or 6- digit short code can create an easy-to-remember avenue for engagement. On the back end, they offer high-volume delivery, low latency and high throughput


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bring-your-own-numbers, we’ll text-enable them

You send and receive text messages with your existing 10-digit business phone numbers, the same ones that are so familiar to your customers. This text-enabling service is available for U.S. and Canadian standard 10-digit and toll-free numbers and is simplified since complex porting is not required for SMS and MMS services.


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lease local phone numbers for texting customers

We offer a local phone number inventory for more than 25 countries, including the U.S. and Canada. Leasing local phone numbers gives you the opportunity to text your customers, offering a local impression when messages arrive.


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quality and reliability with trusted registries

Rely on iconectiv to ensure the integrity of your business phone numbers. Before text enabling them, we can enhance security by requiring proof of ownership. We also integrate with trusted phone number registries for all phone number types.

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